White Out!!

We have lived here for 10 months and I finally did it! Aaron loves wood and insisted on us keeping the poles of our living room natural then last week he was like that’s stupid! They should be white! Yay!!! I pounced so he didn’t have time to change his mind!

I also realized that I hadn’t posted any photos of our living room before so here it is in all it’s wood paneled glory!






He was gone for three days on a work trip and in that time I painted two rooms and the poles! It only took me a few hours while watching Bravo reruns and I am in love!!! Aaron loves it too! It totally changes the room. We still need to take down the crappy quarter round that they used as crown molding and then put up some actual crown molding. Also, paint the trim in the rest of the room but at least this is a start.





I used to stand in the kitchen and the poles really broke up my view. Now that they are white I really don’t notice them at all. I am thrilled with the result and it has totally lit a fire under my rear to paint the rest of the trim in our home.

My goal is to have it all done by the end of October so you all need to hold me to that. The two of you that read make sure you ask me about it. Ha!

Do you have wood trim or have you painted it all? Or do you have some awesome crazy blue or peach trim thanks to the styles of the 70’s?


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