I Saw The Light!

Our house is so going as far as projects go but things are getting there. We jump around from room to room a lot but I like it that way because there is always something changing and improving all over the place.

I have wanted to change our dining room “chandelier” since the day we looked at this house. Before we went out and bought anything I told Aaron I wanted to try my own thing first. So project chandy, as in chandelier for you slower folks, took effect last weekend.

IMG_8170  IMG_8172

The hubs took the light down for me in like 10 minutes and then it sat for a few days till I got time to spray it.

I eventually had a date with the old thing and gave it a good ole scrub down and then sprayed away. I used Rustoleum metal spray paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze. It is what we have used on other projects around the house and matches our other fixtures around the house.

Once it was sprayed I let it dry over night and then got busy covering the shades. I got the shades at Hob to the Lob and paid $4 a piece. They come with a sticky outer side so you can put fabric, paper, hair (just kidding unless that’s your thing), etc. You get the picture. The world is your oyster and the options are endless.

I played with a few ideas and ultimately decided to go with this wrapping paper I had picked up at Homegoods back in July. It plays along with our kitchen chevron wall really well even though you don’t see one from the other.

Then I popped the shades on and ta-da! I am really happy with it and it only cost me $20 for shades and $6 for metal spray paint! Bam! I like a project that is under 30 bones and only takes a day to complete!






The room is slowly coming together. I was going to stencil the back wall but I am holding off on that for now because I am not sold on it yet. LOTS of work, but maybe I will be ready for that at some point. For now I am just cuddling my “new” chandelier and looking for the perfect buffet! If you see one for cheap let me know! I want to DIY that sucker as well!


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