Not Your Grandma’s Jewelry Box

I have mentioned what feels like a million times on this blog that my grandma past away in the summer of 2011 and as a part of that my dad gave me some of her old China. I was super excited but when I opened the container I found that 90% of it was broken. I planned on keeping a set of 6 but didn’t even have enough big plates to make that happen.

I will keep several pieces just to use here and there but wanted to make something I would use all the time. You have seen these all over pintrest and I decided to make my own. It took all of 10 minutes which was mostly waiting for the hot glue gun to heat up.

I did play with plate size as well as how I wanted the tea cup to sit. This is the final product and I love it! It sits on my dresser and holds some of my jewelry (this girl has way to much). I literally put hot glue on the bottom of the cup and placed it in the middle of the large plate and then added hot glue to the top of the cup and placed the smaller plate on top. Bam! Done!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

I love it for lots of reasons. It is special, functional, it reminds me of my grandma because she loved accessories like me, it just looks pretty and I love being able to see my jewelry because it makes me more apt to use it and keeps it organized. You all know I love a good organization project.  photo 1(1)

photo 2(1)This would cost you maybe $3 if you found fun plates at Goodwill or maybe your parents or grandparents have some extras they are willing to send your way.

What small but special items do you cherish around your home that would be worth pennies to someone else?


3 thoughts on “Not Your Grandma’s Jewelry Box

  1. What a lovely idea. We have some Japanese style figures that my dad picked up at a flea market a million years ago, but my brother and I both joke that when Dad dies, we aren’t going to care about the old books or anything else. We’ll just get drunk and fight over those figurines. Bravo to you for finding a way to keep her close to you.

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