My Very Own String of Balls!

I did it! I have been seeing bulb garland for years and I decided that “I can do that!”. So I did! Easy as that!

It was free because I already had everything on hand but it would be a pretty cheap project otherwise.


1/2 inch ribbon (or really anything that the bulbs fir on.)

As many bulbs as you want! (I think I had around 70)

I chose to use plastic balls since I have a rambunctious little one that I didn’t want to be in any danger from either breaking them or just left over shards, you know, safety first! Start by putting tape on the end of the ribbon so that it doesn’t fray as you try to put 70 plus balls on.




I put them on in no particular order but I did try to space out the silver that I only had a handful of as well as the different textures and finishes. Eli helped me by handing me a the balls. That lasted for all of two minutes and then I just did it myself while he laid on the floor.



When you start tie the first ball on the ribbon so that it is a starting point and won’t move any further. Make sure you push it down with lots of room for more balls. With 70 balls my garland is about 4 feet long.

photo 1(2)

photo 2(2)Then just start putting the other balls on till you run out. Bam! Done! I am in love! I think after the holidays I am going to buy every last clearance ball there is! Yep, I said it, I’m buying all the balls!

Ha! Have you started to decorate? I’m 50% done and I love it!

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