A Ten Minute Advent Calendar

I am all about a good DIY and I had lofty goals to make this really elaborate advent calendar for Eli this year but let’s be real…I don’t have time for all that. He might still be a little young to understand so I am saving the crazy plans for the future when it is worth it and he gets the concept a bit more.

Eli loves Santa and we talk about how Santa comes for Jesus’ birthday. This is just another way to reinforce that and give him a little more interaction with the holidays as well as building the anticipation. I promise this will cost you maybe $3 or totally free and will not take you more than 30 minutes which is great considering December first is just days away.

IMG_1660I didn’t have envelopes so I went to Hobby Lobby and got these for $1.50. There were 25 in a pack and they were 50% off! Bam! Love that! I chose to use some scrapbooking shape makers to make tags but if I were you and I was doing it the night before advent started I would just write numbers on the envelope or use stickers like I did.

IMG_1663The most time consuming part of this calendar was stringing the envelopes. Again, if you are on a time crunch just seal the envelopes with cute washi tape and put them in a bowl, bucket, box, lay them out on a shelf, you name it you can do it. Simple is in. Just make it work for you and your little ones. They don’t care where they are they will just look forward to opening on each day.



IMG_1658We filled the envelopes with papers that listed a surprise or fun activity for the day. A few examples are…

  • snuggle and watch a Christmas movie
  • get 4 tic-tacs
  • play dinosaurs
  • go to the museum
  • build a fort
  • have a sucker
  • drive around and look at Christmas lights
  • go see Santa!

…again, we are super simple. Nothing crazy. We chose to hand ours on a dining room wall but it would be just as functional placed in a jar on the shelf.

IMG_1655There you have it a super simple advent calendar to start the season off right! You could have the kids help write surprises as well just seal the envelopes so they don’t know what fun things they are sealing inside. Maybe even work on it together over Thanksgiving leftovers as you snuggle by your Christmas tree and drink hot chocolate. What traditions are you starting with your little ones?


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