Eli is 3!!

This is my annual mommy update just so I have it for my records. So if this type of thing bores you feel free to skip on by. This is just an easy way to keep all of Eli’s information in one place so I can reference it in the future. Like last years two year post and this post here and here. I did a great job keeping up monthly the first year and since one switched to yearly.

photo 1(3)It seems crazy how much has changed with Eli in the last year but then looking back not a whole lot has changed as well.

Weight: 33 lbs.

Height: 38 inches

Head Circumference: 19 ½ inches

  • You wear a size 5 diapers unfortunately we haven’t mastered potty training. Mostly because Mommy just started staying home with you and we travel too much to attempt. Hoping this happens in the next month. Fingers crossed.
  • You wear size 2T-3T shirts depending on brand.
  • Your pants range from size 24 months to 3T. You have a tiny little waste, but a huge belly after you eat. Also your legs are really long so length is always an issue.
  • Your favorite foods are chicken, cheese, pastas, and breads! Basically anything starchy! Your favorite snacks are goldfish, animal crackers, pretzels, graham crackers and pudding. And you LOVE eating chips with daddy!
  • You have just started to like carrots which mommy and daddy are thrilled about!
  • You greet Mommy every morning at your bedroom door and say “Good morning Mommy! Breakfast?”
  • You love all of us but Gampa is your favorite for sure. You love to be outside with him in the woods.
  • You are running at top speeds and you think it awesome to chase and be chased!
  • You play hide and seek with us but are pretty bad because you like to hide in the same place over and over again and you talk ALOT but we still love the play time with you.
  • You get to stay home with Mommy now, ever since June and we love it! Lots of play time.
  • You can count to twenty mostly usually skipping the number 4 and you can halfway say your ABC’s.
  • You know almost all your shapes but don’t have a clue about colors yet. Everything is blue or red.
  • You love looking at books by yourself and you love all the Eric Carle books about bears. You have memorized them and it is our greatest joy to wake up and hear your reading/reciting them to yourself in the mornings.
  • Cars and anything that can fly are your choice toys. Also your drum and harmonica.
  • You are very good a picking your toys up and you know just where everything goes.
  • You like to sleep with two blankets. Your superman blanket from Gigi and your daddy’s baby blanket.
  • You have slept in a big boy (toddler) bed all year and will move to a twin bed in the next month or so.
  • You love shoes!!! Yours especially. You love to put on different pairs and run as fast as you can around the house.
  • You go a four wheeler that you love driving around the yard.
  • You can turn on lights all by yourself now because you are getting so tall.
  • You now use an inhaler twice a day so long gone are the days of the 30 minute nebulizer! Mommy and Daddy love it as do you!
  • You love movies and Disney Junior on TV. Your favorite show is Little Einstein by far and you love any and all of the Ice Age movies as well as Cars, Planes, Peter Pan and any of the Tinker Bell movies.
  • You are obsessed with Mommy’s hair. You love to touch it.
  • Daddy is your favorite play partner because you wrestle and he flys you around the house. You have most recently started head butting one another.
  • You talk in some full sentences and you do a pretty good job communicating with us. When you get really excited you just say “ticka ticka ticka ticka” and then whatever actual word you can think of.






IMG_3199You are the light of our lives and you bring us so much joy! You are very strong willed and have a big personality. You are stubborn and VERY smart. You are so observant it is shocking to me. You can already tell us how to get to Gamma and Gampa’s house as well as the park simply because you pay attention.

We could not be more proud of you. I have learned in my hardest moments of parenting this year that nothing you can do will ever make me ashamed to be your Mommy. I am sure there will be bumps in the road of life but I know that Daddy and I will always be there for you. Thank you for your patience with us as we continue to learn this whole parenting thing. We love you to the moon and back.


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