Washi Tape Action For Kids Too

You can’t be the one to have all the fun! Let the little ones in on the washi tape fun too. We whipped these two crafts up in just a few minutes. We actually did this several weeks ago I just stink at blogging.

It was just a little afternoon activity for me and the little man. The tree we did with several different patterns, colors and lengths. It was as easy as putting it on the 12 x 12 piece of paper.

IMG_1643I then cut out the stockings and let Eli cover them as he pleased. He wasn’t that interested so I actual did two myself. We then hung them all together in Eli’s art corner for him to look at throughout the Christmas season.




I took a few pictures with my phone for the two minutes he was interested.




IMG_1638I like the little touches around the house that don’t take a great deal of effort. This is one of those small additions that makes the home more jolly for the holidays. Have you done any simple crafts with your littles?


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