Grey is the New Beige.

It is true I LOVE grey walls! They go with everything! When we first did our kitchen we went with blue because we thought it would be fun and different. We planned on no rug but then we realized that was dumb considering we had a wild man toddler running around. He was falling all the time when we moved into the house a year ago and honestly still is a klutz. So we opted for a rug and just threw down one of our old ones.

IMG_9776I loved the rug but it just was not working with the blue walls and window treatments I had but I wasn’t in a rush to change it because there were lots of other projects in the house that had to be done. Once I got around to the kitchen my two options were buying a new rug for a few hundred bucks or painting and redoing the windows.








IMG_3244While paint and windows takes way longer than laying down a rug it cost lots less which is the name of our game. So after a year of looking at those dang blue walls I just decided I was done with it and grabbed some extra paint from the garage and went to town. It is Rockport Grey by I think Benjamin Moore but we just get Valspar paint at Lowes and have them color match it. We now have it in our master bath, library, dining room accent wall, laundry room accent wall and now the kitchen! Apparently grey is the new beige for me. It is still a little boring and safe but seems more fun to me than beige. I am for sure in love.

I opted for burlap on the windows and I will later make white ruffle cafe curtains. Also, I think I am going to stencil some word of image onto the cornice board. If you want to see how I make them you can look at my past board here.

I really like that the burlap doesn’t stand out tons from the wall but I think it compliments the walls and the rug well. The plates hanging over the cabinets are my grandma Emily’s. I wrote choose JOY on the currently but I plan on switching out the writing whenever I choose which is why I wrote it in dry erase marker. Super easy changes are what I love.

I still have a long list of to dos the first being painting that dang door white but it is coming together. What have you gotten the whim to paint randomly? What your spouse happy or mad? Aaron was a trooper. It is so funny because it took him a little while to even notice.


4 thoughts on “Grey is the New Beige.

  1. I love this gray! I would love some gray walls in our house, but it has dark wood trim everywhere. Not sure how that would work. Maybe I’ll get brave someday! I love following your blog for many reasons, but I especially enjoy these home projects. You inspire me! 🙂

  2. I <3, <3,<3 your kitchen. Looks classy, yet comfortable at the same time. Grey is the new beige for me as well (although I have never liked beige!) Love the plates as well, but also the towel holder on the side of the cupboards. Genius! 🙂

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