We Decked Everything Except The Halls

I know Christmas is over but I still wanted to post some pictures of our Christmas decorations for posterity sake. Again if you don’t care don’t read. I was going to go very minimal and then I volunteered to host part of our Sunday School Christmas party so then I decided to do just a little more than a tree but I still kept it really simple.

I posted about the ornament garland a few weeks ago. It was a really easy and short craft that made a big impact.

photo 2(2)

photo 1(2)The kids corner was also an easy craft project that Eli and I did together.

IMG_1647The two trees were just our tiny family one with a hodge podge of ornaments that we like and then our big tree was the “pretty tree” that all color coordinated.  Eli loved the trees most and would insist that the lights be turned on first thing in the morning. He was allowed to play with the ornaments on the little tree which he loved.






IMG_3310I kept it pretty minimal in the library other than the tree. I put Christmas paper in the frames and made the tiny chalkboard a little festive as well as just draping garland (which is really just yarn I bought for super cheap) over the map. I hung the stockings on the bookcases and called it good.







IMG_3317 I also had a little tree in the front foyer that I almost forgot till looking at pictures. Ha! I am so crazy it was just last week. Now you see why I have to keep records otherwise I would be lucky to remember how to put on underpants.


IMG_1924I beefed up cheap garland with mesh, ribbon and lights then just put out a few tiny trees with lights and some gifts I picked up at Kirklands on black Friday with a gift card.  The wreath I made and need to post about was really easy as well. Sorry they are crappy photos I took at night on my phone.


IMG_1756In the dining room I just put some garland and ornaments in the chandelier. Again that name of the game was SIMPLE!






IMG_3325 In the kitchen I just put some beefed up garland again that I made over the open shelving. I also added a few little details to fill it out, balls, snowmen, trees, etc.

IMG_1911Last but not least was my chalk board. It is for sure my favorite thing in the house because I can change it so easily with no cost. I love how it turned out. I saw a similar print on pintrest and just tried my hand at writing my own.



IMG_1898So there you have it. My simple take on Christmas. Ha! I would hate to see if I went all out! It seemed a bit much already. Oh well, we love it and it reminds us of the celebration of Jesus’ birth! What decorations in your home did you like best?


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