As We Dream By The Fire

I built a mantle! Finally! A year after we ripped the old one down I built a new one and now I cannot quit touching it! I am in love!!! It was so easy that I am mad we waited a year to do it.

Aaron normally does all the building projects with Dad but this was my brain child so Aaron let me do it. It cost us around $35 and took around an hour to build. Staining was a few days process with letting it dry and Aaron is giving it four coats of polyurethane as I sit here dreaming about how in love I am.

We used this tutorial from Addicted2Decorating and I am really happy with it. I didn’t add the veneer on the ends because I was happy with how it looked without it however I could add that down the road at any point if I so choose. Our house is a 1960’s ranch so I wanted something simple and honestly anything was better than the old mantle.

This whole process started when my dad ripped the old mantle off and I white washed the brick. You will notice I also painted the old gold grate thing as well. That I used high heat Rustoleum paint. I need to touch up a few places but I love the change.



IMG_8327Sorry that I don’t have any better before shots. I would say the whole process maybe took 5 hours max but was spread over the last year! Talk about slow movers!

Here are a few shots in progress.




IMG_2092It is now stained, polyuithaned and hung!!!! I cannot wait to get home to see it with my own eyes. Oh yeah to decorate the junk out of it! I love mantels just because it is another place for me to be creative!




IMG_3294You can tell from the detail shots that we dinged it up pretty good with hammers and screwdrivers before we stained it. I wanted it to have a lived in feel, similar to a barn beam.

photo 1(6)

photo 2(6)

photo 3(1)Have you built anything lately that you are in love with? Seriously, I just want to go home and pet it for hours. I wish it would have been done before Christmas but regardless it will look great for Valentine’s day!

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