Simple Love

I have always loved Valentine’s Day. Not because of the Hallmark holiday or what you can get but just because I love love and I love so many people. To me it is just a day to focus on being grateful for those in your life that love you and you love in return.

With that being said of course I like to decorate a tiny bit for the day. I really do mean a tiny bit not like Christmas. Ha! I really did keep it simple. This morning I busted out the Washi tape. I am sure none of you are surprised and made to very small and easy “crafts” if you can even call it that to add to my counter and my Valentine mantle.

I was able to use only things I had here at the house and didn’t have to buy anything new which is the best kind of project and of course the little man in my life had to get in on the action and was a huge “help”. You can see the difference from before Eli was “helping” to after Eli started “helping”. Hee-hee. Oh well. It’s not as fun if you aren’t having to corral a little one at the same time as being creative.



The first was an old glass jar and some skewers. I cut the skewers to various heights and wrapped washi tape on the ends. So easy! Then I just cut them to look like different shaped flags. Again so simple and just made them different enough to add a little visual appeal.



IMG_2815Done! I put in on my kitchen counter just to add a pop of color and whimsy for the next few weeks.

The next project was a simple washi bunting to add to my previously done mantle. I just thought it needed a little pop of color and this was a really easy and cheap way to add it. I simple laid out some teal and white bakers twine and then picked several tapes to make again into mini flags.




IMG_2820Boom! Super easy. The hardest part was deciding what tapes I wanted to use. I cut the flags into various shapes and sizes again just to add another layer for the eyes but you could leave them all the same if that is your jam.

I move things around quite a bit in our home so the jar of flags may replace my matches on the mantle or I may put them someplace different all together. Who knows. Do you have a small holiday that you like to celebrate or have you done anything to decorate your home for the day of love?


2 thoughts on “Simple Love

  1. This is so random. Where is your butter dish from?? I have been searching and searching for a basic butter dish that holds the new short and fat sticks of butter. Anthros are made too short and others are too big but yours looks just right! (Goldilocks?) 🙂

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