Geometric Wreath How To Dets!

IMG_2983So yesterday I posted a picture of this wreath on Instagram and Facebook and was totally overwelmed with questions of how to make it. So I decided two things.

1. I would write this post with a few clarifying details to the original video tutorial since it was a little dark and really a bit confusing.

2. I am going to have a party in the next few weeks some Friday night for anyone in the area that wants to come over and make one. I am thinking February 28th. It is very fun and easy. It would be an evening a food, conversation and crafting. My three favorite things. I will Facebook the info to those of you that are my friends so you can see more details.

Let me start by saying this Mandi girl is a rockstar. Her blog is awesome and I claim no responsibility for this idea. She has another post with white straws that is a lot easier to see. I am in no way correcting anything she did I am just adding a few pictures so you can see a little better what she is talking about. Just to clear that up! Not my idea just my experience making it.

Supply List: Scissors, a spool of 26-30 gauge wire, a box of cocktail straws…174 straws to be exact (Well kind of exact. I’m not that intelligent but that is at least my close guess.), and spray paint if you want to change the color.

I originally saw this on my friend Kyle’s blog and was totally intrigued. Then I found it on the Vintage Revivals blog and decided to give it a go. I made my way to a few stores and finally found the cocktail straws at Walmart and I ended up buying 26 gauge wire rather than 30 because I couldn’t find it at either Hobby Lobby or JoAnn’s.

Here is the original blog post by Vintage Revivals. I am all about a good DIY craft so this was right up my alley but it was a little bit dark and I was pretty confused at a few parts. So I thought since there was a great deal of interest I would just add the details that might help others who are trying to make the wreath.

So here we go. Just to clarify initially I made two wreaths with once box of straws. In the video she starts by cutting the straws to 4 1/2 inches. I chose to keep mine at 7 inches. When it was complete it ended up being 42 inches wide/tall. After completing the first I had 78 straws remaining and I chose to cut them in half making them 3 1/2 inches long. The second wreath ended up being 23 inches tall/wide. All that being said that is the two size extremes and you can choose what will fit your space best and go from there. In terms of how I cut mine. I just marked them at 3.5 with a silver sharpie and cut them with scissors because I didn’t have her cool little cutting thing. Also, I have short arms and the 2.5 arm lengths was not long enough for me. I will address that issue farther into the post.

The first part of the video is pretty straight forward up to 3:45. So she mentions that you take the wire and connect it to “this corner right here”. That means bringing it straight over to the end of the short side (The side with 2 triangles). In the picture below you are bringing 1 over to 2.


Then here is the pyramid with “flappies” she mentions.


This just shows you where you feed the wire through the one straw on the flap closest to the pyramid she mentions at 4:12.IMG_2991 Here are photos of the shape you have them made at 4:30 by combining the two flaps. Just ignore the fact that my straws are exactly coming to a point at the end. You can adjust that easily as you go.

IMG_2994So then you attach all your 10 shapes together as pictured below and she has done at 6:14.





You just keep all the wires to the right essentially. Then you feed it back through to a point. The wire comes out the top which she is calling the center (and will be of the wreath) at 6:00. Keep in mind that it is a spinning object so it doesn’t matter what point it comes out you will rotate the entire thing to your wires are all coming out of the same direction once you get to the next step. IMG_3002You can see below it is all a bit of a hot mess at this point. Wires everywhere and very minimal support to the shape while it does have a bit of a circle to it.

IMG_3003Here are mine all connected and the wire has been fed through to the “middle” and I have just gathered them so you can see how they all come in the same direction eventually. IMG_3004

IMG_3005She mentions the first Himmeli wreath video here and I would totally recommend it as well. I plan to do one tonight while watching the Olympics.  It looks a bit easier. At least lest steps which to me means easier.

Here is where I will add my two cents about wire. I mentioned earlier I am short so my arms are probably not as long as Mandi’s so my wires were not long enough for the next step. Insert panic button! Not really. You do not have to start all over. I simply added another piece of wire at the joint I needed it and tucked those little “tails” in. No harm. No foul. I had to do this LOTS of times my first wreath. After having completed three wreaths now I can safely safe I am guessing the lengths of my wires better and I only had to do it one time on my last wreath.

Again, don’t panic just add another section of wire where you need it. This project is very forgiving. Just fold the little pieces into the next straw and keep on swimming. I mean going. Sorry.  Nemo reference. Can you tell I have a three year old and get distracted very easily.

Back to the reason you are reading this! The Himmeli wreath. You have complete the hardest part! Below I am attaching my two newest straws to the point where my two shapes meet. Then you simply feed the wire back through the one straw you last attached. Making kind of a bridge to the next shape. Again if it isn’t lined up perfectly just twist it to get it in the position you want. At this point you are around the 8 minute mark of the video.




Here I have connect my little bridge and like she say at around 8:40 to grab the next piece of wire not the piece you just used. I just took the longest wire and used it. Again tucking in the extra tail piece.



11:00 Minutes almost there. She mentions connecting the bottom of our original shape. The shot below hopefully lets you see what she means. It is the “bottom” of the original shape as well as what will be the back of your wreath closest to the wall.


IMG_3011 You basically repeat the last thing you did but connecting the other points she starts talking about around 13 minutes.

Then you are done and there is great rejoicing! I told you it was easy just a little detail heavy but totally an evening project while watching skiers fly down a mountain at 85 mph and skinny girls falling down on the ice with next to nothing on their bodies. While I am amazed and totally in love with the Olympics I will stick to my average life doing crafts on the couch while watching others sacrifice their bodies for the sports they love. Team USA!!

I leave you with a few more finished shots. Again I am serious about if anyone who loves nearby wants to come over Feb 28th and make one with me I am totally down! Have a warm Wednesday.




One thought on “Geometric Wreath How To Dets!

  1. Hi I really need help with the very last step I read is almost finished but every time I tried to do the last step it’s not working can you please pinpoint exactly what I connect to what for the very last step?

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