Hero and Sidekick Differences

Every child has their own personality so why would pregnancy be any different? This pregnancy has been so different from Eli’s and even from the miscarriage (which I don’t plan to focus on much). Aaron is convinced that means it is a girl but I don’t have a feeling one way or another. I know every pregnancy is different so I have just been resting on that truth. Now to get to the comparisons.


  • With Eli I was SUPER mellow to say the least. Like so mellow you could crack an egg on my head and I would be like “oh that’s cool”! I had no emotion or opinions which, if you know me, is a HUGE shocker! While I am mellow this time around I am not as chill as Eli’s pregnancy, but still pretty even verses feeling crazy or out of control.
  • Craving salad…again not quite as much as Eli but I have been wanting more green food than normal.
  • Crazy dreams! Pregnancy does nutso things to my mind for sure.
  • I feel like I am gaining weight in a similar way. I have not gained much at all but my belly is for sure changing. Thank God baggy shirts are the current fashion jam because otherwise this battleship would have been sunk weeks ago.





  • I have been feeling pretty crappy. LOTS of headaches which is the exact opposite of Eli. I loved being preggers with him because I have headaches regularly and with him I did not have one the entire pregnancy. The same is true with the miscarriage…no headaches. If I go a week now without a headache I feel like a champion. I get them often and sometimes the headaches can last for days. It is tough but worth it to know I am growing a baby.
  • I have been really nauseous. I have not gotten sick which is awesome but feeling sick is still feeling sick whether you actually puke or not. It has gone away for the most part now that I am 16 weeks but still comes every once in a while if I have not had something to eat.
  • I am more tired this go round. Maybe it is because I have a three year old that takes up a lot of my energy. Ha! Whatever the reason it is bearable and I just go to bed earlier or rest when I can.
  • LOTS of cramping!!!! I was super scared the first month because I was in pain pretty constantly. The cramping was nuts! I think I Google’d it near 400 times just to reassure myself again that I was normal and there was nothing to worry about.

I think that covers most everything but I will update if I think of anything else. Again, while this pregnancy has not been near as comfortable as Eli’s (at least initially) I take comfort in the fact that lots of people have told me these are all signs of a healthy baby. Maybe I am just experiencing a real/normal pregnancy for my body for the first time. I will take it and with very little complaining. Well maybe you should ask Aaron about that. Ha! I do feel joyful to be carrying a little one and all the side-affects are well worth it. To know this is the only time in my child’s life that I am 100% responsible for actually keeping them safe, protected and nourished is so overwhelming and awesome.  A massive and tremendous responsibility that I don’t take lightly.

How were your pregnancies different? Could you tell if you were having a boy or girl based on your symptoms and best guesses? Also who is your favorite superhero? I think mine is The Hulk…at least right now.


One thought on “Hero and Sidekick Differences

  1. I’m pregnant with my second girl, and even though I was nauseated and very tired with Madelyn, this one has been worse. I’ve also had awful headaches and the nausea has lasted much longer. It actually just came back again! I’ve also been more even keeled with this one (for the most part). Oh, and the cramps have been awful! I’m predicting a girl for you, but congrats either way. So exciting 🙂

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