First Sidekick Appointment

I had my first appointment for this little one on March 4th. It was your normal initial visit. Taking vitals and then doing that cursed exam. Then we got to ask our questions get some reassurance and finally listen to the baby’s heart beat! It is always so crazy the first time you hear that heart beat coming from inside you that is not your own.

Mainly I wanted to write this to document the very sweet gesture my hubs surprised me with. We are not really a flower family in terms of holidays. Aaron doesn’t typically buy me flowers for birthdays or other events but on this occasion he truly shocked me.




He snuck in the house while I was in the shower and Eli was napping and left these flowers on our kitchen counter so when I came out a few moments later I was totally excited and freaked out that someone was in my house and I didn’t know it. Ha!

Very thoughtful right? I of course cried. I am a lucky lady to be on this wild adventure called life with Aaron!



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