Measured Moments

I have wanted to make one of these measuring sticks for years!!!! I finally did it! I have had the materials for over 6 months I think and it happened this past weekend! Several of you have messaged me asking how to make it so I thought I would share the details with you.

Lots of DIY projects are hard but more than most are not as tough as you think they will be. This is one of them. You can do it! It is an overnight project just based on drying time. My favorite blogger Katie Bower has a great tutorial on her blog from the pintrest challenge a year ago. She also has LOTS of links to other ideas and tons of different looks so you can find one that fits your style or as some, including me would say, find one that is “your jam!”.

IMG_3748Supplies: 1x6x6 board (I went with the cheapest option, because I liked the imperfections), sand paper, stain (Aaron did it for me since I have the bun in the oven), yard stick, paint pen, paint, pencil and number stickers if you want them.

So like I said Aaron stained the board for me while I was traveling for work. I really wanted it to be darker but now that it is hung I actually love the way it looks. So do what you think will look best for your space.


After Aaron had stained it I laid it out on a drop cloth to make sure I didn’t get anything on the carpet. I then used a yard stick and measuring tape to make sure my markings were straight as well as evenly spaced.

IMG_3705I started by marking in pencil every inch. My first dash was technically my 9 inch mark since I knew that I wanted to hang the finished product 8 inches from the floor in my hallway. I would recommend measuring from the floor to at least a few inches above the baseboards. Again do it based on the look that you like.

So I marked every inch and then every 6 inches and foot I made a longer mark so I knew where my longer marks as well as where my numbers would be placed.


After having all of my markings laid out and spaced I went over them with a paint pen. Several people just use a paint brush but I chose the paint pen because I wanted more control and smaller lines. I knew I was going for a more traditional ruler look so the smaller the lines the better.

After I was sure the lines were dry I places my numbers. I was going for a quick and easy option but you could free hand your own numbers, cut your own out of contact paper or order some online. I used stickers that I got at Lowes. I think they were for your mailbox. Ha! Think outside the box! I placed the stickers and then used a small sponge brush with very little paint to fill them in.


IMG_3715Make sure if you use a sticker or contact paper that you remove it while the paint is still wet!!! This is key to it looking crisp and not a hot mess.

IMG_3717Ta-da!!! All done! I let it dry and then mounted those little zig-zag hangers on the back with a few nails. Hung it on my hallway wall and we are all in love! Eli thinks it is so fun and stands in front of it all the time. We have marks for Eli, Daddy and Mommy and plan to measure once a year from here on out.



It is not perfect, but we LOVE it!!!



The thing I love most about this project is that it can go with us to all our future homes. My grandma had us measure on her pantry door and I can remember when she died being so sad because we were selling the house and we would lose that little momenta. This is a random tidbit as well but the angel pictures hanging next to the ruler are from my grandma’s home. My aunt bought them for her and I love looking at them and thinking of her as well as the fact that we will soon have two little angels in our home.


IMG_3749Yes Eli wanted to wear his shoes with his PJs while I took the picture and even measured him. He loves his shoes just like his momma! So where did you measure yourself growing up? Door frame, closet door? You should make one for your home so you can take all those moments with you as well.




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