And The Sidekick Is….A BOY!!!!!

This will be a post FULL of pictures! I am just warning you now. My dear friend Dottie took lots of these photos for me so I have to give her the credit. Some of them are from my phone as well.

What a fun night! We were surrounded by so many people that we love. It was a casual night full of small details, yummy food, lots of smiles and even tears of joy, oh and perfect weather!

We started the night by having everyone wear a clothes pin that Eli and I painted the week before. I had an Old Wives Tale board so people could at least make educated guesses.





This is an after the party shot so imagine the white trays are filled with Hershey bars and the silver tray is full of clothes pins.


After the guesses were placed people made their way over to the photo booth were Dottie took pictures with everyone’s official votes. That way they were locked in and I have the pictures for a future scrapbook whenever I actually get to scrapbook again.















IMG_3901We had all our food in the dining room and I played up on the cravings of pregnancy. We had all the things I have wanted. The only thing I didn’t list on the menu/cravings door was the fried pickles. Yum! The food was so good! I am very thankful to my mom and grandma for bringing the pies and the texas sheet cake, as well as Dottie, Lauralee and Nicole for helping me get things plated before the party. Extra hands are always appreciated.





IMG_3855We had mason jar glasses and each had colored washi tape so people could pick their choice of boy or girl as well as straws with matching flags. Their drink choices were pink lemonade and water that I had colored blue.



IMG_3847We let folks know that we would be doing the reveal around 7:30 so after everyone had taken their photo booth pictures and gotten a chance to eat a plate of food or two we went outside for the silly string reveal. Dottie again took pictures and our friend Nate who is a photographer took photos as well. We are still waiting to get his but I cannot wait to see them!

We arranged people by those who voted girl on the right and boy on the left and then on the count of three we all sprayed our cans.

Aaron was super helpful passing out the cans while I was reminding everyone not to spray them!

Aaron was super helpful passing out the cans while I was reminding everyone not to spray them!














I am so glad we did the silly string! It was my favorite part of the night for sure. Everyone was engaged and had a blast with it. I mainly chose it for Eli because I knew he wouldn’t care if we cut a cake. He really has no idea what is going on and what the blue string means but I knew for him it would at least be a really fun “event” that would make him excited! He really did love it. He still asks me everyday to play with the string. Ha!


IMG_3897I bought 26 cans and removed the lids so the color would not be given away and then I covered the cans just for the sake of cuteness. Ha! There was nothing on the can that would give away the gender but I thought they would look better covered. We didn’t get a before shot of these either but you can see them after and they are still pretty cute.




IMG_3964The rest of the evening we just spent hanging out and eating more food. It really was perfect. We had people from all over Northeast and Central Indiana, friends from Chicago, and Uncle Paul from Kentucky. Everyone went home with a HERSHEY bar colored for “he” or “she” and they had the choice of regular or almond. Again we didn’t get a before shot with them all on the platters but you get the point.


IMG_3965These last shots are just of the mantle. Again I know most people think this might be dumb but the little details like the cravings menu, the covered cans, photo booth, the candy bars, the Old Wives Tales and even this mantle are the fun parts of the party to me. I love the details. Sorry to bore you with more pictures.

Eli painted the “art” last weekend and I covered some canvases I had laying around for another project with wrapping paper just for fun. I did the eggs in pink and blue as a nod to Easter and the banner I made last week as well. Everything I did was minimal and really tried to keep it as neutral as possible. While the pink and blue themes are cute I wanted more grey, white and beige.






IMG_3975So there you have it. Our party in picture form.

Some people might think it is dumb that we made this such a big deal with our second but for us it is all about enjoying the moment. Eli’s birth was so abnormal that I told Aaron this time around we will truly cherish every second and make it a big deal. They will be four years apart so it is like a whole new experience. Also we plan for this to be our last so we want to go big with the event knowing that we won’t be doing it again in the future. And quite frankly all life should be celebrated and for those who think otherwise oh well. You have fun sitting in the grumpy corner while the rest of us are out playing in the yard!

What fun parties have you hosted or been to lately?




2 thoughts on “And The Sidekick Is….A BOY!!!!!

  1. This party looks amazing! Celebrating a pregnancy is never silly as I know your struggles with Eli’s birth and even though this is baby # 2 you celebrate away, friend!. We’re so happy for you, Aaron and Eli!

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