Broke Ground on Eli’s Big Boy Room

About a month ago I posted on Instagram that I painted a room one day while Aaron was at work.

IMG_3665Well that was Eli’s big boy room. As soon as we found out we were expecting I was on a mission to get Eli moved. Two things have held me up. 1. LOTS of headaches and 2. Eli not being potty trained. Well now the headaches has subsided enough to at least give me a few days break in between. I plan on potty training in two weeks so I am ready to get this done!




I just wanted to give you a little peek so you can see the progress. I have outlined where I think I want the furniture with painters tape but who knows what I will actually do.

IMG_3701The above shot is the only current shot I have. The room is painted, the rug is down these five car prints are hung and now there is just junk sitting in it waiting to be moved so we can get the room finished. You can see the look we are going for on my Pintrest board. The rug I got at and it is still there. The prints and frames are from IKEA for so cheap! They don’t have them online but there are other options.

I cannot wait to get this room done. I think it will be my new favorite room of the house. What is your favorite room in your home?


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