Frost The First Week Of May!

No frost on the ground this week but in Eli’s bathroom the windows are officially covered! I have had the supplies and been saying I was going to do it for over a year and it finally happen! The one benefit to Aaron’s work trips is that I become super motivated to get stuff around the house because I have downtime with nobody to hangout with after Eli goes to bed. So this week I have rearranged two rooms (yes, I know I am over 21 weeks pregnant and shouldn’t be lifting but I really just scoot the furniture), deep cleaned two rooms, rearranged my kitchen drawers, and now frosted the windows in my son’s bathroom. I would call it a successful week considering I have done all of that on top of working around 20 hours on my upcoming conference in June! Bam! Thank you second trimester for being more kind than the first with less headaches and heartburn at least waiting to show his ugly face very late at night.

So I won’t bore you with a whole tutorial as there are tons out there. It is so much easier than you think and the directions in the box walk you through it step by step. I used the Gila system from Lowes. This stuff here and here. Again you can google “Gila Window Film Application” and see tons of videos.

So here are the before and after shots. Taken with my iPhone because I am pregnant and lazy and chose not to get the big camera for such dinky shots. Well the first shot is from my camera months ago. You can’t tell but the blinds are NASTY! yellow up close and I would never let Eli touch them!IMG_1994I was more than happy to remove those blinds! The below shots are after I scrapped the window with a razor blade to get rid of any nasty caulk or paint. It was gross and made me realize how crappy these windows were yet again! You could feel the cold air coming in the side. Thank you for old houses with character but no thanks for the original wooden windows.



IMG_4253These mom took while I was smoothing the film onto the windows. Super easy. You simply cut the film close to size, spray them down and then apply and smooth them out. Ignore the big hair and growing belly.




IMG_4277And they are done! Again terrible pictures but you get the idea. Cheap, fast and easy update. I figure nothing I do to these windows could make them worse.




The plan this weekend is to make some fake roman shades to hang over them. I don’t need anything actually functional now that they are frosted and creepers can’t see you while you want your privacy. Not that you would want creepers to see you even if you didn’t want your privacy. Ha! You get my point. You can shower and use the restroom in peace.

Have you tackled any projects you wish you would have done months ago because they were way easier than you first thought?


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