Dressing A Bump!

Lets talk about Kim. Kim Kardashian that is. She is a curvy girl in the public eye who is obsessed with clothes and is known for many things but recently her newborn North and her return to pre-pregnancy body. She has an incredible body according to most people you talk to and unlimited resources in terms of clothes, designers, and a posse to tell her she is perfect. She also hated pregnancy and got tons of criticism about her baby carrying body.

Well I am no Kardashian but the pressures of pregnancy are no less for all us average ladies. We still want to look halfway appealing for the two people that actually pay attention and the bottom line is that we want to feel good about ourselves when we look in the mirror. This has been lots tougher for me this pregnancy. I get teary every time I get dressed and look in the mirror and I am so self-conscious being in public thinking that people are staring at me because my clothes don’t fit. I have compared myself so much this time around as well. The funny thing is that everyone I have compared myself to is like 5’7″-5’11”. Hello! Have you met me? I am not even 5’3″. I round up to get myself there. Ha! The bottom line is I am short, curvy, should have weighed less when I got pregnant and the only place for this baby to go it out!

After processing all my crazy I decided that I was going to post some of my outfits and where I got them. I have had several people ask me where I have gotten different outfits and while I have not felt good about myself really any of this pregnancy I thought this would be an intentional way for me to be honest about my journey and also encourage other ladies with some outfit ideas that might help them feel more confident. So here we are! I will preface this all by reminding you again that I am really short and I am also cheap. These two things are good to know. 1. Things will probably look better on you because you are more than likely taller than I am. 2. I am not a person who blogs about the great “deal” they got at Nordstroms and only spent $200! I really don’t spend lots of money. I will note the amounts of each item if I can remember.

10308306_648905222921_8064286239695074608_nI posted this tonight and thought it was a good place to start. I got this dress last week on clearance at Old Navy for $8 and I am in love! It is super comfy! It doesn’t let me take huge steps but that isn’t a problem for me because I am short and never take big steps anyway. It isn’t online any longer but this one is similar and has a slit so for you taller ladies who want to take longer strides can do it without any issue. The jean jacket is also old from the Gap for around $20 but you can again find a similar one here or here. I love the jacket because you can wear it before, during and after pregnancy. The scarf is Banana Republic and again is old but you can layer any scarf and it adds fun! I got mine fore $6.50 from the Gap Clearance store in Hebron, KY but it was originally $90! Ah! Score! Apparently I am all about the Gap family with this outfit. Ha!

So…there you have it! I would love to know where you have gotten pieces you like. I love a good deal and something that will last well.



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