Bump Dressing 2

I mentioned in this post about my thoughts on dressing during pregnancy. Here is another outfit that was super easy to put together with stuff you already have in the closet with maybe the exception of the pants. I had the Chambray top from Old Navy maybe last year. They still have them here. It is a staple every lady should have and you will get lots of wear out of it! The scarf is from Charming Charlies again last year but you can wear any scarf you like. I chose this one because it was bright and springy. The shoes are from target and they are amazingly comfy wedges. These are similar just not in grey. Lastly comes the pants. I have a pair of non-maternity ponte pants from GAP that I love to wear for work. They are great to pair with a flowy top. Since being preggers I can no longer fit into my original GAP pants so I got these at Motherhood Maternity a few weeks ago to last me through this pregnancy. Here is a link to all their black skinny jeans.


IMG_4347I am really happy I made the investment in these pants because I will certainly feel more confident during pregnancy. I have a work conference in June that these will be perfect for! What are some of your favorite “before getting pregnant pieces” that were worth replacing even for the short time because you knew you would get lots of use out of them?

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