Hanging File The Remix!

Since working from home I have had to get creative with my “office” space. As conference is in less than three weeks my stress has gone up daily which causes me to hate clutter and also tackle tasks I have been waiting months to complete! I have had crates from Michael’s for at least 6 months and I finally got them hung!

IMG_4456I had Aaron stain them for me while I was on one of my many work trips this spring and this past Saturday I finally bucked up the courage to drill them into the wall. I know it is dumb but it just felt so final and I didn’t want to have to patch holes so it took me forever to actually commit.

So again, I started with Aaron staining them which was the easy part. Next I made templates out of wrapping paper and taped them to the wall till I found a configuration that I was happy with.

IMG_4394I then got my little level and placed it on top and went to drilling.


IMG_4396I pre-drilled holes in the crates as well as the wall to prevent them from splitting. I colored in some of the places that chipped away with brown sharpie but that wasn’t really necessary. Done and done!IMG_4397


IMG_4399It is not like they are gorgeous to look at but they are super functional, get the piles off the floor and give me easy access to all my files really quickly.




IMG_4457Have you been putting off a project that takes no time or do you have any fun office storage ideas? I would love to hear them. Also I know that I have tons of Washi tape. It is a bit of an addiction and this is only half of what I own.


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