Dressing A Bump-Sprinkle Style

I have had several people contact me via facebook to ask where I got the dress I wore to my sprinkle this past weekend.

IMG_4579 IMG_4611I got it at Motherhood Maternity. for $35. I was on the fence about it just because I didn’t know if I would get a lot of use out of it but  as soon as I looked in the mirror I knew I wanted it. It just fit great and I felt so good in it. Very comfortable and still looks nice. They don’t have it online any longer but I found these two that are similar.

I have this one from old navy and it feels very similar on…the only difference is that the ruffle doesn’t go all the way around.

oldnavydresscn7598239Again it is from Old Navy here and you can get it in three different colors.

This dress is the same style and from Motherhood Maternity but just different colors. I love the orange and blue print but it comes in a black and white option as well.

motherhooddressIt is under $50 at Motherhood Maternity here but I bet they have the same dress I got still in some stores because I just got it maybe a month ago.

Happy hunting ladies. Just remember that whatever you wear just be you and you will be stunning in it. Time with my best friends this weekend was a wonderful reminder of that. Everyday I think negative thoughts about myself and when I was with my friends I looked around and was so struck by how amazing they each were. I commented to Emily and Andrea that if they could see themselves through my eyes they would never question how amazing they were and the same is true for me. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and the bottom line is we are all awesome in our own way!

IMG_4592  IMG_4594  IMG_4596I think this might be my favorite pregnant outfit. What was your favorite outfit while pregnant?

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