Garden Party Recipe Box

I am hosting a wedding shower this weekend with my mom, and grandma for dear friends that are basically family. It is a church shower with primarily older couples so we aren’t having games or anything like that. It will be super casual and laid back. The theme which I love is a “Garden Party”. Not the type you would typically think of in terms of tea cups, flowers and hats but a literal garden. We are stocking the couple with supplies that they can use in and around their yard and garden.

They live on a farm in Northeastern Indiana and have a stunning garden so it will be really fun to see what they get and how they use it. I am just hoping to get like one or two veggies out of this deal. Ha! But seriously, I love garden leftovers so if anyone has an abundance of anything I am your girl.

Like I said it will be casual and since it is for a large church group we decided to make it a dessert potluck since it is late in the afternoon on a Sunday. Every guest was sent a garden themed invitation that included a recipe card. Guest were asked to bring their favorite dessert to share with others in attendance and include the recipe on the card to give to the bride and groom.

Since we all know that I am obsessed with all things washi I couldn’t just leave the store bought box untouched. It was a 15 minute project that was I think was well worth it.

Here is how the box and inserts started.


And of course my weapon of choice! I picked several different patterns and colors that I felt like communicated well. Side note: I didn’t use the tape on the far left. It didn’t fit as well to me. Also I added in a teal stripe in its place. As always though it is all about playing and mixing things up. IMG_5150Then there was no method to the madness I just started taping away and cutting the tape at different angles. Here is the end result.




Left Side


Back…I know it seems silly but I wanted every side to be decorated.


Right Side


And again the front and top of the box.

For the cards inside I just put a little piece of Washi tape to label each section. Super easy!

IMG_5153There you have it! I am so excited to see what desserts everyone brings. I will try to be better about taking pictures so I can show you all how the shower turns out. Regardless I know it will be wonderful to celebrate a couple that we all love so much.


IMG_5154Do you have a favorite recipe that someone gave you prior to the Pinterest days where we actually relied on others for new recipes? I love my grandma Emily’s meatloaf and scalloped potatoes recipe.

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