Say Cheese! Maternity Shots!

We got our maternity shots back from Nate Holloway and I love so many of them! Aaron gave me a hard time because he asked if they were good and my response was “you and Eli look so good in all of them but me not so much.”! I really don’t think I will ever like photos of myself and especially while I am pregnant. Either way Nate did a great job with his subject matter and I love the shots of Aaron and Eli. Eli always looks so cute/funny while making his “cheese” face. I love that Nate captured the friendship between Aaron and I. He is the best choice I have made in life and I love that I am married to my favorite friend!

Pregnancy is an incredible miracle whether you think you look good or not. I won’t post every picture just my favorites but you can see them all on my facebook page. Aaron picked the ones of just me because like I said I never think I look good. The humidity was CRAZY and my hair went nuts but again we had a great time and I look forward to posting these around our new home.

DSC_8096DSC_8109DSC_8120DSC_8124DSC_8139DSC_8143DSC_8212DSC_8262DSC_8343DSC_8352DSC_8372DSC_8399I cannot imagine what it will feel like to love another human as much as I love Aaron and Eli. I know that my love for each of them grows every day as does my love for this little sidekick in my tummy and our world is about it change so much. I am grateful for every moment of this pregnancy. Good, bad and even the ugly. This little sidekick is such a blessing already and I hope he knows how excited we all are to complete our family and bring him home in just few shorts weeks! 32 days to be exact unless he decides otherwise. I am so excited to be a mommy of two and terrified as well!

What is your advice to any woman that is about to be a mom of two?


One thought on “Say Cheese! Maternity Shots!

  1. You will officially start to think of yourself as a “boy mom”, and that’s a fun identity to have. I found that the transition from 0 to 1 kid was all about realizing that my needs no longer came first. The transition from 1 to 2 means that nobody’s needs come first! Everyone has to be patient. But Eli will love being the big brother, and that’ll be awesome for you to watch.

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