Sidekick 36 Week Bumpdate

DSC_8298How far along: 36 Weeks! I met my goal!!!! After finding out we were pregnant with this little sidekick I told myself I had to get to 36 weeks! Yay! SO I kind of met my goal! Ha! Since I am delivering today I guess it still counts but it is pretty close. I have thought that Saturdays were my mark but the Dr said that today I am officially 36 weeks!

Baby is the size of a: Honeydew Average size: 17.2-18.7 inches, 4.2-5.8 lb.

Stretch marks: Unfortunately, but it is worth it to have this little man in our lives.

Sleep: Some. The hardest part is the numbness in my hands. I am just so uncomfortable with the pins and needles in all my fingers that I can’t relax enough to fall asleep.

Best moment of this week: Having our little sidekick! It wasn’t the plan but the Lord knows and we trust it was all in his time. I will write up the whole birth story soon I hope. Not two years later like I did with Eli. Ha! Hopefully not as traumatic.

Also we met Eli’s teacher and saw his classroom for pre-school this year. He will go in the mornings for a few hours so he gets some special big kid time and I get a few hours with just the sidekick. I am excited for Eli. I think he will enjoy it as will mommy and daddy to see what he learns.

Miss anything: Independence. I was put on bed rest for 24 hours on Wednesday because I made an unexpected trip to the Dr. and my BP was high. They ran labs and I had to go back on Thursday morning. I am now able to help but minimally. For those of you who know me even a little bit you know how tough this is for me. I hate asking for help and I hate even more just watching people work and not being able to do it myself.

Now that we know we are delivering today this is ramped up. I will miss not being able to pick Eli up and snuggle him whenever I want or just lift and move a box as I please.

Movement: Still lots.

Food cravings: Carbs and sugars. All the things I should not eat. Also fried food for days!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Actually juice has made my stomach hurt. No fun.

Gender: Boy oh boy!

Labor signs: Braxton Hicks, cramping, and he is lots lower which is uncomfortable.

Belly button in or out: Pretty much even.

Happy or moody most of the time: I am exceedingly happy but very scared so there are lots of emotions. Not having that final time with Eli in preparation was hard but he is such a trooper and has been wonderful.

Looking forward to:  Holding my second little boy and coming home to our new house with all my boys.  I look forward to getting into our new normal as a family of four. I am so blessed with the husband of my dreams and two little boys that I adores.

photo(2)A terrible photo of me but this is our last picture as a family of three. I snapped it on my phone yesterday before I came into the hospital.


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