Eli- 4 Years Old

I cannot believe our big boy Eli is already four years old and he is a big brother!!!! We love you so so so much! Excuse the ton of pictures but they were all too cute to eliminate!

Weight: 37 lbs.


Head Circumference:

  • IMG_4797 IMG_4799 IMG_4800
  • You are potty trained and have been for months! Once you chose to do it, it was done. No going back for you! We do still have you sleep in pull-ups and probably will for a while. Ha!
  • You wear size 4t and even some 5t shirts. You fit better in 3t pants because you are thin but they are never long enough anymore. So we stick with adjustable waist pants and call it good.
  • Your favorite foods are starch and starch. Just like mommy. You love breads, pastas, chicken, and cheese. You also like apples, raspberries, blueberries, and grapes.
  • You LOVE to eat at Qdoba and Chik-fil-a. Really restaurants in general. You do not like when we go through the drive-thru. You always ask to go sit inside.
  • Being at Grandma and Grandpa’s house is your favorite place to be. Both because you love them but also because you get to watch movies and eat popcorn.
  • You love All Thomas movies, Planes 1 and 2, Cars 1 and 2, Mater Tales, Veggie Tales, Octonauts, The Magic School Bus, and watching Daddy play Mario while you hold your own controller that is not hooked up.
  •  IMG_4808 IMG_4813
  • You love trains, robots/transformers, dinosaurs, blocks, balls, cars, cars and more cars. Did I mention cars?
  • You also love to read now! It makes us so happy. Every night we read a few books and your bible and there are times you freak mommy out because you will be so quiet and she is convinced you are destroying something but she will peak around the corner to see you looking at books so sweetly.
  • Your favorite snack changes a lot, but you like marshmallows, pistachios, goldfish, graham crackers, muenster cheese, and cereal.
  • You are in “school” every morning from 8:30-11:30 and you like it we think. You started in Mrs. Debbie’s class then they split and you went to Mrs. Amanda’s class.
  • You know all your letters, number, color and shapes. However sometimes yellow and blue give you trouble. Also if we don’t practice letters and numbers you do forget them but are quick to relearn.
  • Your very favorite thing is watching the garbage trucks on Wednesday morning. There is a blue one that gets the trash and a red one that gets recycling. You get pretty frustrated if they don’t show up within minutes of one another. You for sure like routine.

IMG_4814 IMG_4816 IMG_4817

  • You are great at bed time. We usually start at 7:30 with brushing teeth, getting dressed, reading books, our bible and then you always ask us to push your round bottom (Pooh reference) into bed. We then pray together and you always leave Micah out but then add him onto the end as well as not being scared. They are like little addendums to your prayer. It is cute. Mommy needs to record it so we have it to show you later in life.
  • You like baths a ton because they are in our big jacuzzi tub!
  • You moved into your “castle home” this year and you love it! So much space to run and you really like making tracks in the carpet with your cars, scooter, really anything!
  • You would be outside all the time if we let you. Snow is for sure your jam!
  • You don’t take naps anymore so you sleep better at night.
  • You have a habit of getting up in the middle of the night and just walking into mommy and daddy’s room. You don’t really need anything you just want us to take you back to your room. It is almost like you are just making sure we are still here.
  • You wrestle Daddy EVERY NIGHT when he comes home from work! I think this is probably Mommy’s favorite time of day. You are so joyful and fun. You are rough and just have a blast being wild! Micah just watches and laughs and Daddy has so much fun just playing with his boy.
  • You can memorize anything the first time you see it!
  • You still LOVE mommy’s hair. You like sitting on it and having her rub it on your back.
  • You can get dressed all by yourself mostly. Your underwear are usually all bunched up around that top of your jeans though. Ha! It is pretty cute how often you look a mess.
  • You love having a twin bed! You like most being able to jump in it before bedtime.
  • You are our FAVORITE Eli and we tell you that all the time!

IMG_4819 IMG_4820 IMG_4821

We could not love you more! You have such a sweet spirit paired with LOTS of energy and emotion! We think you are the perfect combination of mommy and daddy. We see so much potential in you. You are so so smart. More than anything in this life Mommy and Daddy hope you know that you are loved more than words can express. We are your biggest fans and we will do whatever we can to direct you to Jesus, teach you to love others and to help you succeed in this life.


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