Micah- 5 Months

Happy, happy, happy is the theme! You are always happy!

  • You talk all the time!
  • Rolling over is something you do every once in a while but again you are just happy whether you are on your back or tummy.
  • There is a toy in your mouth at all times! The only thing you got for Christmas from Mommy and Daddy were toys that you could look at and put in your mouth. Ha!
  • We keep a bib on you at all times because you slobber so much but still no teeth.
  • You like to see what is going on so you don’t like to be in any position that doesn’t let you see the room.
  • You sit in the bumbo sometimes and mommy puts you on your belly in the boppy up on the bar while she does dishes and makes dinner again because you love to watch everything.
  • Your favorite person to watch is Eli.
  • He has held you a handful of times but is much too busy for much more. Ha.
  • You are in size 6 clothes and some 3-6 months pjs.
  • Size 2 diapers are a must since blowouts are a part of your weekly plans.
  • The paci is still a sometimes thing.
  • You are still sleeping wonderfully which Mommy loves!

We truly couldn’t ask for a more content and joyful baby. Thank you for being so awesome already!

IMG_4724 IMG_4722  IMG_4712 IMG_4696 IMG_4686 IMG_4676 IMG_4674 IMG_4667Also yes your hair looks red. Often actually. Not when you are close up but from across the room everyone thinks you are redheaded. You can see it a bit in these pictures.

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