A Nursery That Will Grow With Your Baby

Can I just take a moment to say hello again. It has been almost six months since I have posted about our home. I have missed you all. Also, let me say thank you to the several folks, including family, friends, friends of friends, and also just plain ole strangers who have approached me over the last few months and told me how much you miss the blog and love reading it. It has honestly been shocking to me how many of you have been so kind. The words of others truly have the ability to speak life and death over you. It is because of each of your kind words that I am back.

So now moving onto the issue at hand. We moved into our home exactly five months ago the day after we had our little one. Of course with a baby and a four year old I stay very busy. That doesn’t count my real job and then the different places that I volunteer. All that to say home projects bring me tons of joy so I always make time for them big and small. I am committing to at least start posting once a week. We have already done tons so I will have to catch you all up.

Today I am showing you our littlest man’s room. Micah like I said was born five months ago on August 8th. Our sunday school class helped Aaron move us on the 9th and I came home on 12th. We brought Micah home on the 18th due to some issues I will cover at another time. This is already taking me too long to get to the actual post. Ha! We had Micah’s room painted just days before I went into the hospital so all I had to do was arrange furniture and hang things. I had his furniture and gallery wall done withing a week or two of moving in but the arrow wall I completed last week since it was a lot more time intensive.

So without further ado here are a few pictures.


The dresser I got at a refurbishing store in Warsaw, IN and I am in love. It will function as a changing table now but in a few years I will take the pad off and will just be a dresser. The crib was Eli’s. It is a Cribs4Life brand I believe. The quilt my grandma made Micah. She has made one for all her grandkids and now great-grandkids starting with me 32 years ago. It is so special and also so cute! We love it!IMG_4745

Here is the arrow wall! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It honestly wasn’t as hard as I thought. It would have been much faster if I didn’t have a helper and a little one that needed me. Ha! I will have to blog details about that another time. IMG_4751

The stand holding the canvas totes I got 10 years ago I think at maybe Walmart. It is a fake wood microwave stand I believe. I am all for real wood but I do have to say this sucker has made six moves (and that is just houses, not rooms) over the last 10 years and served tons of purposes and held up perfectly. The basket on the floor is from Hobby Lobby and holds all our blankets. They are all special as well. One made by my best friend Emily, one from my former boss and friend Lisa, and another from my friend Rachel. The list goes on and on. IMG_4752 IMG_4754The quilted bear is from my grandma Emily and the little brown bear we bought for Eli when he had a blood transfusion. The lamp is cement and we got it from Target.  IMG_4759IMG_4767The Pepsi crate is from an Antique Mall in Gas City, IN. The rocker was mine as a little girl and from my Grandma Emily’s as well. The Star Wars and Wild Things mash-up is from the same artist we got Eli’s prints for his room. I will have to ask Aaron the website. The vintage flashcards that spell VALOR are from a boutique in Chicago. I love the wooden Aaron puzzle. That is one of Micah’s middle names and it was Aaron’s as a kid. IMG_4768 The moose head I got at TJ Maxx in Atlanta with my friend Emily. I love it and since Eli has an animal head in his room it creates continuity. The cleaning and scrubbing print is from my friend Kelly’s etsy shop.  IMG_4770

The Adventures of Micah print was a print from Nana this past Christmas and is from uncommongoods.com. I made the cloud and rain piece and the US map is just a piece of scrapbook paper I got at Hobby Lobby for like 25 cents. Ha!IMG_4771 IMG_4772 Obviously if there is something else you have a question about just comment below and I will try and answer it.  IMG_4774 My favorite part of the room is most certainly the little man that sleeps in it, but I am very glad it is a room that will grow with him and is not age specific. I can very easily see us taking out the crib and putting in a twin bed in the future. Not that I am looking forward to that since I am cherishing every single baby snuggle now.

What are some things you have done to make your nursery age neutral? Do you have a favorite part of our little guys room or any suggestions?

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