The Wilkinson Castle

I am sure you all have been making fun of me while scrolling through Instagram and seeing our #Wilkinsoncastle. It came from our sweet little man Eli. When we bought our new house every time we pulled into the driveway he would say, “Mommy look, it’s a castle.”. Now he calls it his castle home. So keep making fun of us if you like but I think it is precious that Eli thinks of his new home so grandly.

Truth be told, Aaron and I do as well.

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to post pictures but here are all of the before shots. I will hopefully get it all switch over on the menu bar but for now since it has been over six months since we bought the place this will be the quicker fix.

These are all photos from the listing when we bought it so I am even too lazy to find the ones I took. Ha. Well enjoy till I get my rear in gear and post updates. IMG_5503 IMG_5504 IMG_5505 IMG_5506 IMG_5508 IMG_5509 IMG_5510 IMG_5511 IMG_5512 IMG_5513 IMG_5514 IMG_5515 IMG_5516 IMG_5517 IMG_5518



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