The Other Woman

I apologize in advance for the terrible pictures. There are some from WAY back.

I think it is about time I address the other woman in our lives. You have seen pictures but you really don’t understand the full depth of not only Aaron’s love for her but now even my own. It was actually all my idea six years ago when we bought our first home. I felt like she would be a good addition and now she has begun to take over our lives.

She is what any man would want really. Tall, porcelain complexion, very intelligent, funny at just the right moments, is there when you need her and well rounded in a vast collection of areas, and all in all just really gorgeous to look at.

It’s our library. Ha! Aaron has always loved books and even the hunt for books. Back in Seminary he and is friend Ryan would go “hunting” on Saturdays to all the local Goodwills and come home thrilled with their finds. When I met Aaron he had two bookcases in his room with books and now, well, you have seen the pictures! His collecting has ramped up significantly since we have been married because I am in full support. Every birthday and Christmas a new stack is added and while he goes hunting very rarely now, he still finds books here and there.26083_519810250281_7237515_nLike I said, in our first home in Kentucky there was a weird dining room area that I thought would be the perfect place to build a library for Aaron and of course he was on board. He and dad built our first set of bookcases then in 2009.26083_519808099591_4454178_n 26083_519808114561_4254146_n

A year later we moved into the dorm and boxed up over 50% of Aaron’s collection to fit what we could back on those two small bookcases.

40438_535146849993_1007005_nThen in 2012 we moved to Indiana and this time when we went house hunting Aaron had to find a place for his library. This was the second set of bookcases he and dad built and these had the bottom cabinets for storage.IMG_4327 IMG_3302Now that we are settled in our new home I was really anxious to get the library done because again the bulk of our boxes were Aaron’s books. Ha! I’m not kidding. If I ever move another box of books it will be too soon. They are just so dang heavy and there are so many!


IMG_7468IMG_7537 IMG_7634 IMG_7825

IMG_7495   IMG_7837The bookcases in our “castle home” Aaron did 100% by himself! I was so proud of him! They turned out gorgeous and really make the space feel like us. It is my favorite room of the house I think. It changes day to day but I do think it is. The naturally light is killer and it just always feels like a fun and peaceful place. It is always filled with laughter and lots of wrestling takes place in there. I have intentionally kept it sparse with furniture for this reason.IMG_9308 IMG_9309 IMG_9310

I am glad that seven years ago I mentioned a library because now it is the central part of our home. I hope our boys love to read like their daddy and sometimes their mommy. Ha! Do you have a favorite room in your house or that space you look for in every home you buy?